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 Contract Growing and TOS (Tag Orders Sold)

Thank you for considering Performance Nursery to grow your landscaping projects plant material!

When there is enough foresight in the project, AND the right season is upon us, AND time will allow, AND you want to save money and increase your profits, consider the great benefits of contract growing your future projects with Performance Nursery.

You will applaud the consideration, attention and dedication we give to our customers and their orders. Starting with our propagation department, who generate the bulk of our production dirt flats, liners, rose pots, 4" pots and tree pots, to our field workers who generate our 1 gallon to 96" box production. Everyone is dutifully committed to growing the best quality plant material you can buy!

If time and schedule will simply just not allow for contract growing, then have the materials "Tied Off". Performance Nursery goes to great lengths to make sure that the plant materials that you tie off are the materials that you need. Once a Purchase Order is received, photos are approved, or a tie off request is received, we then custom make your "SOLD" labels with your company name, your job name, the plant name and quantity, estimated ship date, purchase order number, purchasing agent, a combination of any other information requested, on a bright red tag, so people can clearly see that it is sold.

What Performance Nursery requires for the above is: in most cases, a written and signed purchase order, a "Tie Off" request, a lead time or estimated ship date, will suffice. A non-refundable deposit will be deemed necessary on special occasions. For instance, when plant material has to be procured in advance, or when plant material that is in high demand is needed. This is strictly to cover our base costs in case the project changes and the plant palette changes, plants are deleted, or the project runs over schedule and the plant material becomes un-salable.

Please note that we place a great deal of time, money and effort into our Contract Grow and TOS sales and that they have been specially quoted on your bids. We may decline the Contract Grow or TOS order if it is determined that it is just not profitable for us.

In some cases, should the project require the same plant material above and beyond what has been contract grown, pricing will revert to non-contract grow pricing.

All conditions above are fluid and can be addressed in discussions, depending on the size of the orders.

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