Corona virus and Performance Nursery

The Performance Nursery family is taking this virus affecting our country very seriously. We would like to inform our customers, and the general public, what you can expect from us and what we expect from our crews, from field workers to sales staff, from our clients and our partners. We are taking precautions and making adjustments as directed by our Federal, State, and Local governments as well as our own in order to benefit our community, our customers, and our employees.

Our yards will remain open during our normal hours of operation as situations allow. Our employees have been instructed to limit physical contact with anyone walking through our yards, to give them space, and wait for the individual to come and ask them for help. 

We have acres of land for our clients to walk through as possible therapy for cabin fever, for an education walk with the children and family, to get some fresh air, to enjoy the beauty that nature still offers, to enjoy the weather, to forget about the stress of the current events, or to just get some exercise least for a little while.

When you visit any of our yards please keep in mind other customers we may have traipsing through our yards. Respect their space and their privacy. Remember that according to health and safety guidelines, social distancing requires we keep a 6 foot (at least 2 arms lengths)  distance away from each other.

Friends....gardening is therapy!! Gardening is exercise. Gardening is beautification. Gardening can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. While not a requirement, we hope that you decide to patronize your local business. We are trying really hard to create an effective outlet for the general public.

We are diligent about supporting our family of Team Members on staff. Our employees are encouraged to take good care of themselves and their extended families, first! They have been instructed to stay home if not feeling well, to report anyone who is either not feeling well or is sick, to avoid physical contact and to wash their hands often and correctly, to honor the 6 foot distance, to keep a special eye on those that are in what the FDA refers to as the High Risk Population Groups:

1. Pregnant and lactating women
2. Infants
3. The elderly
4. Someone whose immune system is already compromised
(i.e. has or has had cancer, HIV/Aids, Hepatitis)

We will do our best to continue to educate ourselves about these current events and will share with our employees and customers as we able. We are monitoring feeds from the FDA, CDC, and local Health Departments and will post links to what we believe will be important to share.

Be good humans and let's look out for each other. I know we will come out of this on the other side....smelling like roses!


Tom and Kim Lucas and the crew at Performance Nursery

PS... To help a little we are offering a 10% discount on all plant material in stock at our retails yards. Please print this article (here) and bring with you for your discount!

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